About Hunter


“As the speed and complexity of life increases, it’s easy fall into patterns based solely on surviving, not thriving. We cling to the familiar when what we crave is clarity, relief and simply something better. But real change – the kind that takes hold in our lives and lasts, and is not just a momentary blip; isn’t stumbled upon accidentally. It’s something we consciously choose, step into, and live. This is where I can help.” 
 – Hunter Phoenix

Coaching for me is a second career; I spent two decades working in film and television and as print model in North America and Europe. A natural born intuitive, and trained astrologer and palmist, I began working with people on set, doing “mini readings” during the long wait times. Although I also have a background in psychology, it was when someone put a coaching book in my hand that everything changed; this was the bridge. It was tactical and practical and got results like nothing else ever had. Now, not only for myself, but for others, I could not just see what the problem was, but also knew the tangible steps to take to fix it. I continued my studies in coaching at JFK University’s School of Integrative Coaching in Berkeley, CA, and soon the mini readings on set turned into 5-10 minute “laser sessions” as I strove to work with 1000 people in a very brief time. (A-Type Personality… loves a challenge 🙂 )  I don’t know that I made it to 1000, but one day I remember looking up and seeing more than 20 people lined up to talk to me – I knew I was on to something.

Since then I have gone on to become a Master Certified Coach and help hundreds of clients transform their lives or sometimes, just handle what’s coming at them a little bit better. I’ve also trained in a number of healing modalities including Somato Respiratory Integration, Guided Meditation as well as Auric and Chakra Balancing. This allows me to bring a spiritual and energetic component to coaching to compliment the pragmatism and structures.

Working with clients is always about first assessing the situation, deciding on the next point on the path, and then creating solutions to fit specifically with their existing life and desired lifestyle. It’s never about forcing or “bootcamp tactics”…. that’s just not how I work. Ultimately, it’s Your life, and it has to work for YOU.  My only agenda is your happiness and well-being; whatever that looks like.

I’ve found time and time again you only have to be willing to make a 5% shift… and then another, and then another. Consistent gentle action yields miraculous results.

Past clients have included a wide range of professionals including artists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, engineers, research scientists, as well as financial, medical and legal professionals.

If you’d like to see how I can help you, please feel free to Book a Session or a Complimentary Consultation. I’m delighted that you have found the website, and I look forward to getting to know you better and helping you to change your life.