“As the speed and complexity of life increases, it’s easy fall into patterns based solely on surviving, not thriving. We cling to the familiar when what we crave is clarity, relief and simply something better. But real change – the kind that takes hold in our lives and lasts, is not just a momentary blip. It isn’t that one article we read or something stumbled upon accidentally. It’s habits and behaviors  we consciously choose, step into, and live. This creates inspired lives.” 
 – Hunter Phoenix

Self-help and personal growth have been long time passions for me. Through much of my younger years I struggled with depression and deep frustration of wanting something more, something better but just not having the tools, resources or knowledge of how to create that radical positive change and live the kind of life I could so easily imagine and deeply desired. I read books, attended workshops and immersed myself in new age, spiritual and psychological therapies. With the help of fierce teachers and loving guides, slowly, but surely, like a delicate rosebud watered with plenty of tears, my life began to unfold, open up and just blossom. This awakening, and a path that is a little less troubled is what I’d love to share with you. And this is why Inspired Solutions was born.

Throughout the pages of this site you’ll find practical tips, bits of motivation, inspiration, soul food and spiritual guidance. Much of it comes from my own journey and struggles as well as clients I have worked with. It’s more than information. It’s hands-on, usable and ready to apply to your own life. Take what you need right now, what serves you in this moment, and leave the rest. We can only assimilate and apply so much at once. But visit frequently…. you never know what might be the next little gem you uncover.

Many of the posts you find here are what I call “tactical and practical”. They are designed to be uncomplicated to implement and to quickly make your life easier and run smoother. There are tips on communication, clarity, focus and how to just get the stuff done that will bring you greater success.

But equally important are the spiritual lessons. This is where the modern day wisdom comes in; soul searching, self-care, personal empowerment and radical self esteem. It’s only when we examine our ‘whys’ that the ‘hows’ truly make sense and last for the long haul.

As my own life and career evolves I rarely work one-on-one with clients in a coaching situation anymore so this is where we come together……

Ask questions. Post comments. Connect on social media. I’d love to get into discussion with you, and of course converse with each other! We all have something to teach each other and we all have something to learn. And creating radical shifts and standing up for your life is so much easier when we remember that we are all in this together and you are never truly alone.

I’m so glad that we’ve found each other and I hope this serves you.

From My Heart To Yours, Hunter