Why Do Coaching sessions Over the Phone?


What is Life Coaching? 

Life Coaching is a method of working together, one on one or in groups, to dramatically improve specific areas of your life, creating more freedom, balance and ease. It helps you to achieve results that you want, both personally and professionally, and to live with greater choice and peace in the face of extreme stress or overwhelm. Coaching helps you to do what you want to do anyway, but in less time and more easily than you could on your own.

Business or Career Coaching is a very similar process. We apply similar techniques but with a laser focus on one specific area. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; we always tailor it to fit your life and specific needs.

How does coaching work?

Life Coaching follows a few key techniques that can be used to facilitate stress relief and personal wellness as well as organization, strategic planning and time management. My personal specialty is navigating major life transitions with  guidance, practical tips and resources, as well structures to help you stay focused and on track. for more information please feel free to request a consult.

Where and how do we do a coaching or consulting session?

Sessions are typically conducted over the phone, unless otherwise agreed upon.  I call you at the start of the session, unless we have made other arrangements. This allows you the freedom to take sessions from your home, office or any location. There is no waiting in traffic or parking, and makes it easier to stay consistent with less of a time commitment.  I’m happy to arrange in-person sessions, either at your location or mine, at a premium rate. Please feel free to ask for more details.

How long is each session and what do we cover?

Coaching sessions are typically between 30-75 minutes depending on the issue, and yes, this is determined beforehand.  Together we schedule appointments to fit your specific needs. You can choose what you want to work on and lead the call, or follow my suggestions and recommendations. “Intensives” and longer sessions are available  for specific situations. Please feel free to ask me for more information.  E-mail support is available between sessions with all monthly packages.

What’s the difference between a coaching and therapy or counseling?

Coaching and therapy can be used separately or together. They both can help you to build a strong foundation for your life, but have a few fundamental differences. Therapy helps you to untangle your past and to heal emotional pains and bring closure to troubling events. Coaching looks at where you are at right now. It focuses on the present, and assists you in moving forward using to a more fulfilling and balanced future. Coaches are collaborators and specialists. Unlike therapists, they do not diagnose or treat mental disorders.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Of course. No one will know that we are working together unless you tell them. Details of our sessions are never discussed with anyone.

Why are sessions typically held over the phone?

Today, most coaches work with their clients over the phone. Coaching is about strategy, accountability and acquiring new skills for personal and professional success. It’s not as intimate as therapy, and not meant to be; it’s a little more results driven. I’ve also found after working with hundreds of clients, that the ones who work over the phone move forward 5-6 times more quickly than people who opted to work one-on-one in person for weekly sessions. Having a bit of personal space during sessions can take away a lot of the pressure that we tend to feel in face to face meetings, and allows us to get to the core issues much more quickly. It can also make sessions easier to commit to, and stay consistent with – even when traveling or faced with tight schedules. I currently work with clients across North America and Europe.

How do I choose a life coach?

The coaching relationship is base on trust – it’s crucial that you feel able to express yourself openly and safely with your coach. My advice is to have a quick phone chat with a prospective coach first, read up on them and their work, and then trust your intuition or gut feeling. Is this someone who you are comfortable talking to? Do you think they’ll be able to help you with your specific situation? What are the prices for coaching? And of course, is this within your financial means at this time?

How do I know if Life Coaching is right for me?

  • Are you looking for outside support and guidance, someone to bounce ideas off of?
  • Could you use some help in dealing with stress, daily pressures and a continued feeling of overwhelm?
  • Are you ready to get strategic about next steps and get into action where you may have been stuck or procrastinating?
  • Would you love to design a business and a career instead of just letting it happen?
  • Can you imagine creating something totally new and infinitely better?
  • Would you like a step-by-step method to decide what to do next?
  • Is it time to let go of some of the struggles and try something new?

If you’ve answered “yes” to 3 or more of these questions, you are a very good candidate for coaching…. consider this your invitation. Without direction and action, the lives we most want exist only in our imaginations. Sometimes, it’s working one-on-one with a professional that can make all the difference.

When can I expect to start seeing results?

If you’re ready to start taking action today, you’ll notice immediate change. But bigger goals simply take longer. The reality you have today wasn’t created overnight, and the new reality you’re looking for will take a little time too. Coaching over a period of time, combined with consistent action is by far the best way to produce long term, sustainable results and incredible transformations.b

How can I arrange for a Complimentary Consultation?

An initial 15 minute consult is always offered to prospective clients at no cost and with no obligation. Ready to go? Click Here to sign-up  and schedule a time to meet by phone to explore the possibility of working together.

Still have questions about finding a life coach?  

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What Other People Are Saying….

“The first time I spoke with Hunter, I knew that she was someone who really cares. She has helped me transform my life from one filled with depression and despair to a life that I am proud of. I couldn’t have done this without her, and I’m sure we’ll work together for years to come. ” 

– Rebecca Cane, Santa Monica CA

“Hunter knows exactly the right questions to ask. She doesn’t back down, but still has a sense of humour about everything. Powerful, but with a light touch!” 

– Sydney Sharpe, Los Angeles CA   (Read more….) 

Can I get more information?

We’re always happy to answer your questions! If there is something that you don’t see here, please feel free to reach out. All the ways you can connect are here. I look forward to connecting with you!

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