Brandi Kamenar

My experience working with Hunter Phoenix was nothing short of incredible! Her expertise, coaching style and gift of intuition led me on a revealing inner journey that resulted in experiencing an immediate breakthrough. The session was so impactful, I’d describe it as Therapy + Life Coaching + Spiritual discovery = Major Success! Hunter is a must hire if you are ready to manifest personal and professional success.   

Brand Management & Public Relations, Beverly Hills, CA 

Dr. Natalie Feinblatt

Being coached by Hunter has allowed me to open my business & get it running with confidence & success. She is a wonderful & highly skilled coach who is a pleasure to work with. Hunter has helped me identify my limitations with humor & compassion. She also highlights my strengths in a way that motivates me to capitalize on them. She has given me more good ideas & insights than I can count. Not sure which coach to work with? Pick Hunter 🙂  (from Google+)

Natalie Feinblatt , Los Angeles, CA 

Jerry Bannister

Working one-to-one with Hunter was a liberating experience! She was insightful, knowledgeable, perceptive, and really stretched me past what I had thought I was capable of, all while keeping the work fun and inspiring. Hunter provides a fearless, creative, supportive and adventurous environment to grow your talent in. I highly recommend working with her.

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Suzy Gruzen

Working with Hunter has been a godsend.  When I first contacted Hunter and spoke with her I knew that I found the right person to help me along my journey.  I instantly felt at ease with her.  I was searching for a new career path, needing clarity, focus and direction. 

Although challenging at times and having to face certain fears, Hunter’s patience, understanding, compassion and guidance has led me to take action.  Her forceful yet gentle approach allowed me to become honest and real with myself to enable me to move forward to manifest my dreams and desires.  Her motivation, inspiration and encouragement has led me to open my healing practice in just a few short months. I am forever grateful to Hunter and look forward to building my business with her support.

Vibrational Healing Therapies, Los Angeles CA

Nancy Holt

Last year I found myself overwhelmed with making life changing decisions and the anxiety that followed.  I was struggling with no direction and unable to make the changes to live the life I wanted.  Hunter led me to paths that I hadn’t considered as I was simply “stuck” on that road leading nowhere.  Through our weekly coaching sessions I found enlightenment, encouragement and the tools to recognize all the roadblocks that I needed to remove.  Her coaching gave me the where with all to make decisions, to believe in those decisions, and to remind me that I have everything I need right here within myself to live a life designed with love, abundance and self-respect.

I look forward to hearing her voice each week, not only has she made that essential impact on my personal life, I am grateful for her guidance with my new business venture.  I know some would say that I am capable of doing this on my own, but frankly Hunter, I could not have done this without you!  There is a beautiful strength about you and I aspire to possess such loveliness.  True Story!

Joey Bothwell

“Oh the clarity! Hunter is a gifted coach. Her insight, techniques and ease is incredible. Upon leaving my session I cracked open all the tools I feel I need to make my dreams come true, and my life a success. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to further and brighten their life. Thank you Hunter!! “Actress, Dancer,

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Angelo Cikes

“I originally contacted Hunter about coaching for finding full-time employment, since my own business wasn’t providing my desired income level. It took about one and a half sessions for her to to conclude, that a regular job was not what I really wanted. She began coaching me on building my own business. Coaching is an appropriate word for what she does. She has an uncanny intuition to see your strengths and weakness, and then pushes and prods towards the desired outcome. 

In a one person business, often the most difficult thing is not having anyone to bounce ideas off of, and not having additional perspectives for solutions to problems… or to even see where the problems are. Sessions with Hunter was like having regular “Board meetings” with your own board of business advisors, where light was shed on real issues, and a plan for progress is outlined and set in motion. Two words: Brainstorming. Butt-kicking (does that count as one word?). The bottom line for my business? The best year ever! 

Brandi Caskey

Working with Hunter has helped my business almost overnight.  Her marketing expertise has launched my business in a whole new direction, one that feels not only right, but exhilarating.   I trust Hunter’s suggestions because the results were apparent right away.  Working with an experienced been-there-done-that mentor is what I needed to take my business to the next level.  I look forward to continuing the work we are doing together and watching my business expand.

Virtual Assistant and Certified Life Coach, Virtually There 4 You

Lori Rafoss

“Hunter Phoenix continues to change my life on a daily basis. A year ago I was at the lowest point in my life. Desperate to find some answers, I began searching the web and I was drawn to the Inspired Solutions website – Hunter Phoenix. Not one to trust what I read and or find on the web, I knew in my heart that I was drawn to Hunter’s website for a divine reason. Hunter has worked with me, making me a stronger and happier individual both in my personal and professional life. Hunter has a unique ability to tune into my heart and soul and understand what I need and want, and assists me in finding solutions to problems that I cannot solve on my own (by allowing me to see the solutions within myself). Hunter tells me the truth, whether I want to hear it or not, and for that reason my life continues to change in powerful ways. I thank Hunter in every way for changing my life forever, and I will continue to work with you to better myself on an ongoing basis. If you want to experience all you want and dream of from life then I highly recommend Hunter as the coach that will change everything.”

Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd

Jonathan M.

“Finally, I got the script done! This is something I’ve been procrastinating on for 2 years. Hunter thank you. Clearly I couldn’t do this without some help and a bit of a push. Thanks for the great insights and helping me to really figure this out and get moving. You’re a gem and our conversations has made me look at so many things differently. Looking forward to working with you more in the months to come.”

 Los Angeles, CA

Jenna Kelly

“Before I met Hunter, I was frustrated by a lack of direction in my business and had difficulty moving forward with my life’s dreams and desires. Hunter has helped me to focus on exactly what I need to do in order to accomplish the most in my business. She has inspired, supported and led me step by step to finally starting to make my dreams a reality. I am feeling excitement and anticipation at what Hunter and I will tackle together next.”

Medical Intuitive, Turn Up Your Light, Los Angeles CA

Karla L

“Easy to talk to & has a great vibe! – I had a session with Hunter and she helped me realize that it is important to follow what your passionate about. She is helping me put a plan together so that I can follow my passion. She is understanding and easy to talk to. She also made me realize that the things I thought were complicated are really not that complicated & I can accomplish my goals with the right mindset 🙂 ”  

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Denae Higbee

“Hunter, things are going really good for me right now.  The most useful thing in working with you was being able to talk to someone who was on the outside looking in, someone who gave me a fresh perspective on things going on in my life and helped me see things in a different way. Working with you has impacted my life in that I am excited about the future and what it holds for me and that I can go after my dreams and I am worthy of everything I want for my self and I am willing to take risks to go after what I want. I enjoyed working with you and all the things we talked about and what you helped me achieve. I look forward to working with you again for a ‘check up’ in my life/career/dreams. Thank you again, Denae”

Riverside, CA

“LA 101”

“Very Helpful!.  Fun to talk with and easy going, yet sees in 3-D. Great at focusing complicated situations down to single items. Also great at sticking with the big picture. Really very helpful. I’ve had dozens of phone sessions with Hunter, and sooner or later probably will do more because she is so helpful.”

Verified Review on Genbook

Dee Clarke

“Hunter always seems to know the right words to say.  It may not always be what you want to hear…but it’ll be what you need to hear.  She’s inspiring, intuitive, empathic and playful.  She offers new ways to look at your same old issues.  Hunter is a teacher and a nurturer who will help you get “unstuck” and motivate you into action.  You can tell she genuinely cares about people and wants to support them in creating something different and wonderful in their lives.”

Fitness Instructor,  Fit For Two Vancouver Westside

Maria Rohm-Towers

“Many things make Hunter Phoenix an excellent coach; but two of the most important are her incredible insight and intuition. I have never met anyone as adept at getting to the heart of the matter as she is – very surprising to me at first, but something that continues to delight me even after months of working together. She is never aggressive, yet knows how not to back down from the important issues and always displays the most amazing patience and clarity. Hunter has a very kind, but no-nonsense approach issues and genuinely wants to help you succeed. I’ve come to value and treasure our time and our conversations together. This has become such a pivotal part of my life and well-being. Hunter, thank you for being such an amazing coach and and amazing person. You truly are an inspiration!”


Rob Thompson

“True and genuine expertise is a rare thing. Couple that with kindness and compassion – you realize the embodiment of brilliance! Have you ever met someone who absolutely embodies the traits that you normally associate with a given profession?

Teachers that understand the real nature of teaching.
Leaders who fearlessly demonstrate by example
Counselors who can quickly identify the essence of one’s struggle and clearly see its source
Behaviorists that have studied human nature and appreciate the fascinating mechanisms our minds construct to weave ourselves through the maze of life
Experts who understand not only how to achieve excellence but to relate the lessons to others.

Find these qualities in just one person and you are in the presence of greatness. I have been so blessed! I KNOW that my work with Hunter Phoenix has just begun to unlock my full potential towards significant personal and professional freedom.

Be forewarned – she is not for the faint of heart as her methods require the kind of courage that demand complete honesty with oneself. Nor does she shy away from the fearful child, ever exploring the depths and dark crevasses of those scary dark places where one hides. But the rewards are great – for through these struggles, one finds absolute freedom. To thine own self be true.

With Hunter Phoenix as my coach, I know that my life and business have greater potential well beyond any dream or hope I have had before. Her name says it all. She has the tenacity of a Hunter when looking for and working through the blocks that are preventing me from realizing the full essence of my absolute true self – a Phoenix.

If you are planning on working with a coach, and are willing to do whatever it takes to be your very best, you are ready for Hunter! When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Thank you Hunter!”

Cornerstone Business Technologies 

Wendy Lind

“I am newly into my program and am extremely interested and excited to see where it takes my business. Spending time with Hunter is interesting, pleasant and focused. There is no time for distractions. She is very professional and you can trust her.”

Registered Acupuncturist – Raindrops Acupuncture

Mark Saks

“I came to Hunter really unhappy with my life. My marriage had just ended and my career was one that I no longer enjoyed. After just a few months of coaching, I had embarked on a new career path and I’ve never felt happier or such a sense of freedom in my life. Two keys: Hunter is extremely intelligent; she also truly cares about you and what’s important to you in your life. She will help you overcome obstacles, simply and clearly, breaking everything down into practical, manageable steps. I have great friends and a supportive family, (and now a new relationship!) but no one has been able to help me as much as Hunter has. I will continue to work with Hunter for months to come to see what new levels I can take my life to. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!”

Network Administrator, Boston MA

John Ferreira

“When I saw Hunter for our first session I must admit I was a little afraid to hear what she had to say. As a healer, I always put others first and myself on the back burner. Hunter saw right through this. Her insight was like a laser, cutting right to the core issues. Thankfully she offered guidance with her coaching to go along with her insights that have proved most comforting and resourceful. I look forward to continuing my work with her. I highly recommend Hunter and her work to everyone who could use a helping hand. Thanks Hunter”

Registered Shiatsu Therapist

Valarie S.

“Hunter seems to have a real insight into what a person needs to change in his/her life in order to reach the goals he/she has set. Hunter is also able to reach out in a way that feels non-threatening & that helps to make a person feel comfortable & able to accept much needed advice. I am very grateful to Hunter for helping me to grow as person & to be ready for the big love that I know is coming my way!”

Phoenix Arizona

– submitted by Dr. Becky Gilaspy

–“What was a positive step you took this week?”

“I listened to Hunter!!!  She was great and reinforced something I did for my self six months ago.  I dedicated 10 years to a state professional association; running thru all the chairs and dealing with mega “growing pains”, lots of stress, personality conflicts, unethical behavior!  When past officers decided to “take over” because the up and coming officers didn’t meet there “qualifications, I said enough is enough and walked away!!!  I got support from my family, friends and doctors but always had a “guilty feeling” that would crop up when I would be in the shower or before I would fall asleep.  After hearing Hunters lecture I KNOW I did the right thing and it is in the past with no guilt!”

 Weight Loss Coach following a seminar I did for her clients

 Susan Polano

“Hunter and I have been working together for many months now. As a life coach, she is intuitive, open, and has a unique sense of humour which certainly helps when you are dealing with sometimes sensitive issues.  The best thing I find about Hunter is that sometimes at our scheduled call time, I may not have anything specific to deal with and yet she is somehow able to find out what’s going on beneath the surface.. something I didn’t know was there and then with her help, its gone… dealt with… handled.  Hunter gets to the crux of the issue, and then… weeks later she’ll check in and remind you how you felt way back when when you first discussed it thus giving you a sense of accomplishment at the progress you’ve made.  This all makes for a satisfying growth experience.  Thank you Hunter.”

Massage Therapist,  Oceana Massage, Vancouver BC

Jay Reisling

“What makes Hunter Phoenix an exceptional coach: her sincerity, patience, and keen insight into the core of any issue. When I started working with Hunter, my life was okay, but I had decided that ‘okay’ was no longer good enough. A friend of mine recommended a success coach that had really helped him move his life forward. I wanted the same results! I was lucky enough to begin working with Hunter Phoenix. Hunter never backs away from the tough questions or the tough issues. Even when I try to avoid a situation or change direction, she always brings me back on track, reminding me of my original plan and specific goals. She has a unique ability to help you find focus and  extreme clarity in any situation, along with the motivation and tools to achieve the outcome you want – and that’s always bigger than what you originally thought! Be prepared, she can shake your world up a bit, but it’s so worth it! My life and career have never been better, and I know exactly who has helped to make this all possible. Thanks again Hunter! Anyone would be lucky to have you as their coach.

Videographer, Los Angeles CA 

Barbara & Neil Marshall

“Hunter, you have become our “secret weapon”. Anybody who has a small business, should have someone like you on their side. We’ve gotten more of the right stuff done in the last six months working with you than probably the six years before.  Our business has completely turned around and is actually a joy to run, not to mention more than doubling our revenues! It seems so simple now; but like you always say, ‘minor modifications, big results!’. You gave us a lot of tools that we can continue to use for the rest of our lives, both in our business and personally. We both enjoy our sessions (thank god for Skype!) and the wealth of new information you always seem to have at your fingertips. You really have been a miracle to us. Both Neil & I hope we can continue to work with  in the future.

Many Thanks and Good Wishes!   London UK

Katie Brennan

“Before reaching out to Hunter, I was feeling completely overwhelmed by life. I was trying to do it all, which for me meant to finish my PhD, publish papers that kept needing revising, present my work at a conference, plan a large wedding, find a job, sell our condo, and decide where my partner and I would be moving.  I felt like I had very little control over a very chaotic world.

Hunter’s personality shined through the phone during our conversations, and her calm and insightful approach made me feel immediately better during each conversation. Most importantly, she equipped me with the tools I needed to make myself feel better.  The work and time management techniques have proven extremely useful, but what was invaluable to me was absorbing from Hunter the combination of goal setting, working on realistic expectations, structuring my steps to achieve success, and discussing how to motivate myself to get it done.  I learned a lot about how I work (and think), and how to help myself work better!

Since working with Hunter, my confidence is higher and my stress is lower. I have been enjoying the final stage of my PhD. One of my papers was recently accepted for publication, and my partner and I had the wedding of our dreams.  Whatever is coming next, I feel prepared for it.  I am in a very good place to start job hunting and prepare for our next move in life.

Hunter helped me so much, and I would recommend her coaching to everyone!  I had never had a ‘life coach’ before, and it was such a positive experience. Hunter helped facilitate a dramatic change in my own life experience, from stress and crisis-mode to a confident, empowered, and definitely happier self!”

PhD Candidate, University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Monica Mendoza

“Before I met Hunter, I felt that my work/life balance was not there and did not really see where I was heading in either aspect of my life.  I truly felt lost.  After searching through many websites and reading countless books, I stumbled upon Hunter’s website and after speaking with her for the first time, I felt that there was hope in finding my purpose.  She truly made me feel at ease and I felt that I could trust her with anything.  After working with Hunter for a few months, I started to focus and really understand myself better as well as realize that I am in control of my life and I can make things happen for myself.  I have finally found time to enjoy life and take care of myself and as a result it has given me the motivation to continue to grow my CPA practice.  Thank you Hunter for being such a great inspiration in my life!”

CPA – President MPM CPA Inc

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